A Note From Our Founder

Thanks for stopping by!  I'm Leslie, the resident font guru around here.  

This site is the result of a work in progress that has spanned decades. It all truly  began about 25 years ago, when my children were young and I did a lot of scrapbooking. Back then, I learned how to create fonts for use with Pazzles cutting machines.  They were mainly used for journaling and cardmaking. I think I created 33 of those fonts.  Our small scrapbooking community was using single line fonts long before anyone else had even heard of them! I credit those ladies, including Christine, the original Pazzles founder, and Klo, their expert and software trainer, for sparking such a strong curiosity in me about font work.

For all these years, there were virtually no fonts available for use with other craft cutters, engravers, and similar plotter type machines.  I was the first to make mass single-line true-type fonts (with no outlines) available and then my other formats soon followed.  

Later, I developed the FontLab Pad format, which opened the door for a wide network of additional artisans to use my fonts. The FontLab Pad version is wildly popular among Brother, Cricut, Glowforge, and Shaper Origin users. I also developed versions for Rhino3D and Inkscape as well as for websites such as Whimsical Winds and Coach House Woodworks

Woodworkers, metal engravers, architects, machinists, engineering students, jewelers, as well as artisans in the scrapbooking, cardmaking, and foil quilling worlds are just a few of the many makers who utilize my work. The next blip on my radar is machine embroidery. I never could have imagined the impact single line fonts would have on industries worldwide, and we are just scratching the surface!

It’s my pleasure to be able to offer these to you now, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I love making them.  Oh and hey, if you are not satisfied with a Single Line Fonts purchase, email me and I will make it right.    

Drop me a note sometime and let me know how single line fonts have influenced your work and life! 


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