Instructions - Silhouette Studio

Our TTF version is compatible with Silhouette Studio software.  The lines in this version will trace over themselves, making a 2nd line.  There are no outlines in TTF font purchased from our site.  

Windows: Download and unzip purchased file.  Find the file that ends in .ttf and right-click on it.  Click "Install".  

Mac: Download and double-Click on the zipped file.  Drag the font file to the Font Book.  A window will pop up and the font will install.  Open InVue.  Click "T" for Text.  


If you have a large project, there is a way to get our true single-line text into Silhouette Studio!  This is a real time-saver because the lines do not trace over themselves a second time. Check this link for details:  FontLab Pad Version Instructions