Instructions - FontLab Pad

FontLab Pad Instructions for fonts purchas­­ed from Single Line Fonts: 

Click this link to go to the FontLab site for the download file: 


Enter your email address and click “send me the links”.





You will see this confirmation:



In your email, click this message.





Click on the correct option for your operating system (Windows or Mac).




The file name begins with PD1 and looks like this (Mac file will be PD1MacFull.dmg)





Save it to your usual folder you use for downloads.


Go to the file location and click on the file.





You will see a popup window like this.





Select the correct directory for FontLab Pad to be in and go through the steps to install it.



Find the directory that you downloaded the font into when you purchased it from the Single Line Fonts site.  Click on the FontLab Pad folder.   




Minimize the window by clicking on this icon in the upper right side of your screen.


Drag this screen to the left side of your monitor.  Tip: for Windows, you can also click on the Windows key and the left arrow key at the same time.




Search your laptop or Mac for “FontLab Pad” and click on the app.





This is how the app looks.  Drag this window to the right of your screen.





Click on the font and hold it, then drag the font into the FontLab Pad window.




Type some text.  It will look similar to this.  The black filled parts are okay; they will not show in the file you export.





After you have typed your text, click Save As.




Save the file in a directory that you can find from your main program you are working in.





In your program, open or import the SVG file.  You will see that the black sections are gone, and the text is true single line.


This is how the SVG file looks in my chosen software program, which is Pazzles InVue.  This works in all programs that will read SVG files. 


If you have any questions, please email me at


 To view a video of this process, click here