Instructions - Brother Canvas Workspace

Neither our TTF version nor our OPF version works reliably in Brother Canvas Workspace.  You MAY find that your TTF version works in Brother Canvas, depending on your operating system and version, software version, and other aspects of your computer or Mac.  

We do not guarantee direct compatibility with Canvas.  However, there are several workarounds, both free and paid, to get our text into your program beautifully using both TTF and OPF versions.  

We have created a "FontLab Pad Version" to address this issue.  FontLab Pad reads our OTF files beautifully and created TRUE sinigle-line text.  Click her for more details:  FontLab Pad Instructions

If you have certain other programs, you can then save as an SVG file which can be opened in Canvas.  Then save your file to Brother format within Brother Canvas Workspace so that it will read correctly from your USB thumb drive. 

To read about some of the different programs that have this capability to create SVG files, see these links:

Make The Cut
Sure Cuts a Lot
Pazzles InVue
Inkscape (instructions coming soon)
Silhouette Studio (versions that will export as SVG)