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Single Line Font "SLF Farmer's Market"
Single Line Font "SLF Farmer's Market"

Single Line Font "SLF Farmer's Market"

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SLF Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market is a charming, rustic typeface that captures the essence of a bustling, open-air market. Its handcrafted style evokes the warm, inviting feel of hand-painted signs and chalkboard menus, perfect for adding a touch of homemade authenticity to any project. With its playful yet elegant design, Farmer's Market brings a delightful, organic vibe to everything from branding and packaging to posters and invitations.

NEW! This font now includes a regular weight version for use with word processing, text, and other programs!

Formats Included:

  • SLF Farmer's Market.ttf: A hairline font
  • SLF-TF Farmer's Market.ttf: Regular weight
  • SLF-FLP Farmer's Market.otf: For FontLab Pad
  • SLF-OPF Farmer's Market.opf: Open path font format

Perfect For:

  • Engraving and Etching: Create intricate and detailed designs on various materials.
  • Laser Cutting: Achieve precise cuts for detailed projects.
  • Plotting: Produce high-quality graphics with smooth, continuous lines.
  • CNC Machining: Enhance your projects with finely detailed text and patterns.
  • Digital Crafting: Ideal for custom signage, invitations, and more.
  • Calligraphy and Lettering: Perfect for modern calligraphy, offering a sleek, professional look.



  • Hairline Version: True type format fonts must have what we call “closed paths”. To get around this, we created these fonts with no outlines. Instead, the lines trace over themselves once and then "close".
  • Regular Version: These are printable versions that can be used in various programs that accept normal TTF fonts. There is a regular printable version in this set.


  • Windows: Right-click on the file and click “Unzip” and then “Install”.
  • Mac: Double-click on the zipped file and drag the font file to the Font Book. Open or restart your program and use your new font. Your font can be found in drop-down text boxes within your software.


  • A simple, free app in which you type out true single line text. Export as an SVG file and import it into your chosen software. You can find more info on this method on the Single Line Fonts website and also on YouTube. Check this link for more info on my FontLab Pad single line font format!


  • Your cutter will go over the lines only one time. OPF fonts are not installable in Windows or on Macs in the same way that TTF or OTF files are. OPF format will work in these programs only:
    • Sure Cuts a Lot
    • Starcraft Solo

See the instructions section of the site in the website header for info on all programs.

Commitment to Your Success

Your success is my priority. With SLF Farmer's Market, you're not just getting a font—you're getting a tool designed to help you create stunning, professional-quality designs with ease. Thank you for choosing SLF Farmer's Market, and happy designing!