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SLF Tulip Trail

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SLF Tulip Trail

This small-caps style font is the casual choice for cardmaking and other crafts.   

NEW!  This font contains a regular weight font for use with word processing, text, and other programs! 

Formats included:
SLF Tulip Trail.ttf is a hairline font
SLF-TF Tulip Trail.ttf is regular weight
SLF Tulip Trail.otf is for FontLab Pad
SLF Tulip Trail.opf is the open path font format

See instructions for details about each format.


(Hairline Version): Because true type format fonts must have what we call “closed paths”, these will draw the line 2 times in the exact same place. To get around this, we created these fonts with no outlines. Instead, the lines trace over themselves once and then "close".
(Regular Version): These are printable versions that can be used in various programs that accept normal ttf fonts.  There is a regular printable version in this set*.

Installation (Windows): Right-click on the file and click “Unzip” and then “Install”. (Mac): Double-Click on the zipped file and drag the font file to the Font Book. Open or restart your program and use your new font. Your font can be found in drop-down text boxes within your software.

Simple, free app in which you type out true single line text. Export as an SVG file. Import into your chosen software. You can find more info on this method here on the Single Line Fonts website and also on YouTube.  Check this link for more info on my FontLab Pad single line font format!

Your cutter will go over the lines only one time. OPF fonts are not installable in Windows or on Macs in the same way that TTF or OTF files are. OPF format will work in these programs only:
Make The Cut (outdated/no longer supported)
Pazzles InVue (outdated/no longer supported)
Sure Cuts a Lot
Starcraft Solo

Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL) and Starcraft Solo are the only programs which are actively being supported and kept up to date.  See instructions section of the site for info on all programs.

I'm committed to your success! If you have any issues, send me an email message or use the website chat feature.

Thank you for choosing the original Single Line Fonts©(TM)!

* Exciting news!  I will be updating all of my fonts in the coming weeks so that they include the printable version.  Please watch for font update emails if you have purchased in the past.  - LP 03/23/2024