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slf doodlebug single line monoline hairline font for cricut silhouette glowforge engraving cardmaking foil quill and more
SLF Doodlebug 2 is a simplified versin of SLF Doodlebug single line fonts for scoring engraving glowforge silhouette pen tool sketch pen
slf doodlebug single line font example
slf doodlebug single line font characters

Single Line Font "Doodlebug" PLUS Bonus Font!

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SLF Doodlebug

Announcing our newest font release!  Just in time for your spring projects, this font has extended Latin characters. SLF Doodlebug is a clean, easy to read print-style typeface which will add a touch of flair to cards, signs, and other projects.    

I am including a BONUS font with some of the letters simplified.  For lack of other inspiration, it's called SLF Doodlebug 2.  Check out the first two graphics here for the differences.  

Ideal uses include Glowforge, foil quill, engraving, embossing, wood router work, and sketch pens (Silhouette, Cricut, Pazzles Vue, and similar).

You will receive TTF (True Type Font) and OPF (Open Path Format) versions.  This download also has our new format for FontLab Pad!

TrueType Font (TTF) Format

These do not have outlines but DO go over the lines two times.  Here's how they work: In cutting software packages (such as Pazzles InVue, Cricut Design Space, Make The Cut, Inkscape, and Silhouette Studio) and engraving software (such as Adobe Premier Pro, Illustrator, Vision Pro, Corel Draw, and similar), your pen tool will draw a single line and then go over the line in the exact same place again.  This second pass makes the text look more defined with beautiful, crisp results. Experiment with different types of pens for thinner or bolder lines - gel pens, ballpoints, white, gold or silver pens.... all are unique and gorgeous!  Try it with new foil quill techniques to broaden your options using your own special style and custom text. 

This font is for engraving and cutter programs.  Because of its hairline nature, this font is not designed to be used in word processing programs and may not be visible in them.  

Open Path Format (OPF)

These letters do not have any outlines at all!  Like the name implies, they are are "single line fonts", also called "stick fonts", "single stroke fonts" or "journaling fonts".  These are in .opf  (open path font) format. Here's how they work: these are only for the cutting software packages Pazzles InVue, Make The Cut, and Sure Cuts a Lot.  Some engraving and CAD CAM programs will also accept OPF fonts.  Your pen, foil quill, embossing, engraving, etching or similar tool will draw a single line only.  No outlines, no going over the lines a 2nd time.  

We hope you love "SLF Doodlebug" as much as we do.  We would love to see pictures of your projects over on our FaceBook Page!

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