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Single Line Font SLF Inglenook

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SLF Inglenook: Unleash Your Creativity

Elevate your seasonal projects with the captivating charm of SLF Inglenook. This font is designed to shine as the centerpiece of your creative endeavors, boasting extended Latin characters for comprehensive language support, open type features, and impeccably smooth lines that flow gracefully across the page.


  • Extended Language Support: With extended Latin characters, this font ensures compatibility with a wide range of languages, allowing you to express yourself with clarity and precision.
  • True Type and Open Path Format: Receive both TTF (True Type Font) and OPF (Open Path Format) versions, providing you with flexibility and versatility in your design process.
  • FontLab Pad Compatibility: Explore the possibilities with FontLab Pad, a user-friendly app that allows you to type out true single-line text, export it as an SVG file, and seamlessly integrate it into your chosen software.

True Type Format:

  • Experience crisp, defined results with the True Type Format, which features clean lines that draw the lines twice (drawing over the original lines one time), enhancing the text's clarity and depth.
  • Experiment with different pens and techniques, such as foil quilling, to customize your designs and infuse them with your unique style.

Open Path Format (OPF):

  • Embrace the simplicity of single-line fonts with the Open Path Format, where letters are rendered without outlines, offering a clean and elegant aesthetic.
  • Compatible with cutting software like Starcraft CREATE and Sure Cuts a Lot, as well as engraving and CAD/CAM programs, the OPF format opens up a world of creative possibilities.

Special Instructions for Cricut Design Space:

  • Navigate seamlessly through Cricut Design Space with our handy tips. If you encounter font disappearing issues, simply ungroup the text box and attach it before sending it to your machine for flawless results.

We're dedicated to your success! If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us at or use the website chat feature.

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