Frequently Asked Questions - TTF and OPF Formats

Format Types


Q: What is a true type format (.ttf) font?
A:   A .ttf font can be installed in Windows or Mac operating systems.  Our true type fonts are unique because they do not contain outlines. 

True type fonts must have "closed paths".  The software makes a loop, goes alongside the existing lines, then closes the path at the opposite end.  That is why you normally see outlines in them.  Ours are also "closed paths", however, the second lines go directly on top of the original lines.  The advantage is a cleaner, crisper drawing line which can be used at much smaller sizes and retain its thinness. 

Q: How are your .ttf fonts used?
A: Our .ttf fonts can be used in plotter type programs for craft cutters.  Ones that we have tested successfully:

  • Make The Cut
  • Sure Cuts a Lot
  • Silhouette Studio
  • InkScape
  • Cricut Design Space

We have experienced spotty issues in Brother Canvas WorkSpace.  To use our fonts in this software, we suggest creating SVG files in one of the programs listed above and then importing them into Canvas.

They also are used in engraving programs.  Ones that we have tested successfully:

  • Rhino
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Illustrator
  • Vision Pro
  • Corel Draw

Our true type fonts are not designed for word processing programs or for printing, and we do not make any guarantees they will work in those.

Compare ours with similar fonts on the market and you'll find we offer the best quality and value.

Here are examples of others' sketch-type fonts and our single line fonts:




Q: What are .opf fonts and how are they used?
Open Path Fonts are also a single line font, but in these the paths don't have to "close".  The result is a single line that doesn't have a traced line on top of itself.  These are only used in these programs:

  • Pazzles InVue
  • Sure Cuts a Lot
  • Make the Cut

Q: What sets your .opf fonts apart from others?
Compare the smooth, graceful lines of our fonts and you'll see that they are unlike others on the market.   Look closely to see the difference:



 Questions or suggestions on how we can bring you even greater fonts for your crafting needs?  Get in touch and let us know!