Instructions - Pazzles Invue Software

Our TTF version is compatible with Pazzles InVue software.  The lines in this version will trace over themselves, making a 2nd line.  There are no outlines in TTF font purchased from our site.  


Our OPF Version is also compatible with Pazzles InVue.  This is a true single line font.


TTF Version (in this format, the letters will trace over themselves once in the exact same place):

Windows: Download and unzip purchased file.  Find the file that ends in .ttf and right-click on it.  Click "Install".  
Mac: Download and double-Click on the zipped file.  Drag the font file to the Font Book.  A window will pop up and the font will install.  Open InVue.  Click "T" for Text.  

Open InVue.  Click on "T" for Text, then click on the font drop-down menu on the upper left side of the page.  Find your new font (the name will begin in "SLF") and click on it.  Click on your mat area and type your text.

OPF Version (true single line font format):
Download and unzip purchased file. 

Windows and Mac:  Right-click on the font file, Select Open With, then Choose Another App, then Pazzles InVue.  When asked if you would like the font to be installed in InVue, select Yes.

Open InVue.  On the upper left side of the page there is an icon beside the font selection drop-down listing.  Click two times to view single stroke fonts.  Find and click on your new font (the name will begin with SLF-OPF).  Click on your mat area and type your text.


SVG Conversion For Use in Other Programs:
Click File ---> Convert to --> SVG.  Save in location of your choice.  This file can be used in in Silhouette Studio, Brother Canvas Workspace, and other programs that will open SVG files.  This results in true single line text with no double lines.