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SLF Engraving Shoppe

This is a specialty font that is different from my other fonts.  Read on to learn the details!

These are icons that I have collected over time with the intention of creating this font. It is an ever-growing collection, meaning that I will be adding new icons to it until I feel it is complete.  If you know much about me, you probably are guessinig I'll never be done completely because I am always looking to make it even better.  These are truly so fun. 

After you purchase this font, you will automatically receive all future versions via email.

I welcome you to get in touch (see bottom) if you need any additional ones added. This font's version number can be referenced in this document at the top.

To find your font version, double-click on the ttf file and a window will come up with information including version number.

This font is created with jewelry engravers in mind, and it is useful in many other useful applications as well such as cards, signs, and trophies. I have created both hairline (HL) and regular (RG) widths. These are useable in word processing documents, cutter or plotter systems such as Sillhouette, Cricut, etc., and other SVG graphics applications.


Unzip the file you downloaded.
On Windows, right-click on the file and click Unzip. The unzipped files will be in the same folder that the zip file is in. Right-click on the each ttf font and click “Install”.

On MacBooks: Double-Click on the zipped file. Drag the font file to the Font Book. A window will pop up and the font will install. Open your program and use your new font. All our fonts begin with the letters SLF to make them easier to find.

Characteristics of your new Single Line Fonts©™ Fonts:


I have written two versions of the font.  Both are installable fonts:

Hairline (HL) True Type Font (.ttf) version: This is an installable font. The characters will show as lines. Your cutter will go over the lines 2 times – one pass first, and then back over the letter or character in the exact same place. There are no outlines for your machine to have to cut.

Regular (RG) True Type Font (.ttf) version: This is an installable font. These characters will be filled. These are good for graphics programs, Adobe Illustrator, Word, and similar programs.

*Questions? If you have requests or suggestions, I want to hear from you! Email me at