slf architect single line fonts for engraving, pen tools, cardmaking, foil quill, Glowforge, and other uses.
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Single Line Font "Architect"

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Simple and Understated for Any Occasion

This font is your go-to when you need something simple and classy.  Created with care and attention to detail, you'll find this to be just as nicely made as our others!  This font is particularly popular with machinists and others who need print-style text in small sizes. 

NEW UPDATED FILE - contains five width variations:

Ideal for use with Glowforge machines!  Also great for engraving, foil quill, embossing, etching, cardmaking, wood routers, and so much more!

Included Formats:
TTF - True Type Format
OTF (for FontLab Pad) - Open Type Format
OPF - Open Path Format

Because true type format fonts must have what we call “closed paths”. To get around this, we created these fonts with no outlines. Instead, the lines trace over themselves one time and then "close".

Simple, free app in which you type out true single line text. Export as an SVG file. Import into your chosen software. You can find more info on this method on our Single Line Fonts website and also on YouTube.  Check this link for more info on my FontLab Pad single line font format!

These letters do not have any outlines at all!  Like the name implies, they are are "single line fonts", also called "stick fonts", "single-stroke fonts" or "journaling fonts".  These are in .opf  (open path font) format. Here's how they work: these are only for the cutting software packages Starcraft CREATE and Sure Cuts a Lot (versions 5 and up).  Some engraving and CAD/CAM programs will also accept OPF fonts.  Your pen, foil quill, embossing, engraving, etching or similar tool will draw a single line only.  No outlines, no going over the lines a 2nd time.  

I'm committed to your success! If you have any issues, send me an email message or use the website chat feature.

Thank you for choosing the original Single Line Fonts©(TM)!